Having been a professional painting contractor for more than thirty years I have listened virtually hundreds of horror accounts from clients about their past experience with hiring painting contractors. A few of the more common accounts that I have heard include painting contractors who accept  a deposit from the customer and never came back who were not in reality painting contractors but merely  criminals, painting contractors who began the job and their work was so awful that the customer was forced to ask the contractor to leave. These are just a few the typical accounts that I have heard and continue to hear from customers. In this blog, we’ll deal what you are able to do to protect yourself when you choose to hire a painting contractor.

While there are a lot places to locate a quality painting contractor such as  online, yellow pages or even the local newspaper, the first place to begin is by asking acquaintances, relatives and colleagues what painting contractors they have used in the past and inquire what kind of experience they’ve had with a particular painting contractor. Make a point to ask if they were satisfied with their work, the cost and how long it took the painting contractor to complete the job. You can also check out  your local paint store and ask them for a recommendation. Whenever you can not find a painting contractor from any of these sources, then you  call on  your local Better Business Bureau and inquire if they can furnish recommendations.

To start with ask the contractor for a certificate of a insurance policy. Quality contracting firms will be all too happy to furnish you with copies of their certificates of insurance policy. Not all states and municipalities require certifying however business registration with your state and municipality is usually a minimal requirement.

Obtain references from the contractors you are considering most seriously. Talk with those people candidly and openly about the services they experienced. Do not hesitate to inquire  about money and service. You would like to know that you are hiring a professional painting contractor who will give you a quality job at a reasonable price.

It’s very crucial to obtain a written contract. Good contractors will encourage the use of a written contract. This contract should clearly explain the scope of the work to be performed. It should likewise address such details as surfaces to be painted, techniques and extent of surface prep, time schedules for the project, and payment procedures. Whenever you know the entire scope of the work in writing you’ll be better able to ascertain the cost difference between different contractors. The contract protects both you and the contractor.

Additional questions to ask include, how long has the contractor been in business? There’s a high employee turnover in the painting industry. Make certain to hire someone who’s been in business for at least five years. Inquire about the experience levels of the companies workers, because there are some companies who will employ workers with little or no experience in order to save money. Also ask what preparation the painting contractor will do on your job, preparation is the most crucial steps in painting any surface. Ask the painting contractor to make recommendations about materials for the job. A professional painting contractor will be able to advise you about  specific paints, colors and finishes.

Next you’ll want to determine if a paint warranty is included? If a paint warranty was included determine the duration of time that the contractor will warranty his work. Merely stating a warranty is not adequate, you must acquire the warranty in writing including any restrictions.

A lot of contractors will ask for a deposit upon signing the contract. This is commonly customary, even so before giving a deposit be sure that you’ve completed checking all of your references and are that you feel entirely comfortable with the contractor. Be suspicious of anybody who asks for a substantial deposit and never give anybody more than 20% of the cost up front.

Next, take time to compare the estimates carefully. The lowest price might not be your best option. Whenever you find there’s a wide range between the bids, ask the contractors for an explanation. Are all the contractors using the same paint and materials? The low bidder may be taking shortcuts on quality. Keep in mind, obtaining the lowest price shouldn’t be your first condition. You want to hire someone who’s skillful, experienced, fully insured, and has an experienced crew. In the painting industry as with most other industries you’ll commonly get what you pay for. Respectable professional painting contractors want your business and will furnish you with insurance certificates, references, advice on colors and finishes and are courteous and professional to deal with. Once you’ve made your choice, step back and allow the professional painting contractor to complete the job that you have employed him to do. If you want high quality and professional service, you must be willing to pay the cost that comes with it.